A Blank Page.


*Sigh* This is the third time I’m attempting to write this post… The first time I did it I sounded like a complaining-drama-queen-brat who had nothing good to live for, and then the second time once I’d written something that I was happy with I didn’t seem to save it… Yes, I am technologically challenged. But! Here goes nothing, let’s see if it works out this time (third time lucky as they say)!

So, hi! I’m Sam and this is my first blog post on Adventures of a Trainwreck. If you were wondering why I’ve decided to call my blog that, I’m sure you can work out from my first paragraph that I’m a tiny bit of a train wreck, and as my friend and I say, we’re complete wrecks who sometimes need a bit of help along the way. I’ve been wanting to start writing for a really long time, and although I keep saying I’m going to (I’ve been saying so all year tbh), I never seem to pluck up enough courage or find enough motivation to put my fingers to the keyboard and to just start typing. But I’ve had enough of that and I’m making October my month of “Do”, so even if I’m just writing a whole lot of the weird thoughts that are constantly going through my mind (I love reading those kinds of blogs if I’m being completely honest so maybe some of you will enjoy some of my strange ramblings). I’m also going to keep this blog as a way to keep myself entertained and accountable by writing and actually utilising my English Honours degree, and by thinking of it as a diary of my life of sorts. I’ve called it A Blank Page because that’s what the next three months of 2017 are going to be for me  – a Blank Page, a new start that I want to colour as brightly as the picture above. Every day I’m going to try my best to wake up as happy and as positive as I can and to keep as motivated as I’ve been trying to be this week. Stay tuned because I’ll be posting a lot of posts over the next couple of weeks about my dirty and smelly adventures in the Seychelles with my bestie!

I hope this inspires some of you to start doing what it is that you’ve been putting off, be it wanting to be the next big musical sensation (okay that’s what I ideally want to be but I’ve got to be a bit more realistic at the moment) or even if it’s just writing a couple of sentences on a blog that only your mom is going to see, just go and do it (#doyouevennike)!

Kisses, Sam xxx